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Apr 1, 2024
Rokt is a platform offering post-transaction marketing for huge e-commerce brands with millions of yearly transactions. If you're looking for something that offers more features and more potential to generate higher returns, check out these alternatives.

Rokt provides easy post-transaction marketing campaigns for e-commerce businesses with millions of annual transactions. its easy to use because it mainly does one thing – post purchase offers.

For major online retailers, Rokt becomes a way to make a little bit more revenue without doing much of anything.

Rokt chooses your offers, however. And really, it just does that one thing – as far as we've seen. The payout is a flat pay-per-click, so unless you have millions of transactions, it might not be a huge revenue driver on its own.

We've researched a few competitive alternatives that offer the same features, plus more. What you ultimately need depends on your business goals, and considering your future needs should things change. Flexiblity or simplicity?

What to look for in an alternative to Rokt for post transaction marketing and more. Look for: more features, more revenue potential, and more customization

Rokt alternative #1: Paylode

Best for: Companies with 10k to 5 million users, including huge e-commerce brands, memberships, utilities, residential real estate, and insurers. Companies use Paylode to integrate perks into the entire customer experience, enabling cross-sell and rewards without the complication of building a point-based loyalty program.

It also offers post transaction marketing tools, but you get to choose the perks from the marketplace of over 1000 offers, unlike with Rokt which chooses the offers for you.

Paylode's software also shows the perk before the sale, promising the customer the reward after they take action. This pre-and-post purchase combo increases conversion by 10-15% or more, and purchase satisfaction at the same time. Unlike Rokt, with Paylode you have multiple features to expose perks – perks centers, widgets, emails, QR codes, and more.

Paylode charges a monthly flat fee, but there's more earning (and savings, like if you're hoping to get folks to switch to paperless billing) potential if you utilize the tools. Track partner performance on the dashboard.

With 20+ features beyond post transaction marketing, the Paylode platform is more versatile – there are a thousand ways to infuse perks into an omnichannel customer experience.

Read the full guide to Rokt vs Paylode for customer perks.

Book a free demo to get a custom proposal for your company's customers.


Rokt alternative #2: Bloomreach

Best for: Large enterprises seeking to personalize the customer journey, test AI, and make bulk merchandising optimizations within your commerce system.

Bloomreach touts its AI-driven search and merchandising tools that personalize customer interactions across many touchpoints including email, website, SMS, retargeting ads, and site search.

Bloomreach can dynamically change site content, product collections, upsells, and product recommendations based on the user's past interactions. It helps businesses increase conversion during the shopping experience and retarget after, making it ideal for companies with deep inventories.

Read reviews of Bloomreach on Slashdot

Is Bloomreach a good alternative to Rokt? Find out here. This screenshot shows the Bloomreach experience from their website with Loomi the AI powered ecommerce personalization tool
Source: Bloomreach


Rokt alternative #3: ActiveCampaign

Best for: Businesses of all sizes that want more customer experience automation.

ActiveCampaign differentiates itself with a customer experience automation platform that combines email marketing, personalization, CRM, SMS, and ties it all together with machine learning.

it's almost like a hubspot competitor for ecommerce. This blend enables businesses to nurture leads and automate personalized customer journeys, resulting in higher engagement and retention rates.

With popup builders and livechat, this could be a SaaS alternative to Rokt that's much more affordable and lets you be in control of the marketing tools you use to improve the customer experience.

Starts at $19.99/mo

Read reviews of ActiveCampaign on Slashdot

ActiveCampaign is one alternative to Rokt. See how they compare. This is a screenshot of the ActiveCampaign product menu showing Marketing, Sales, Ecommerce and Transactional tools for marketers.
Examples of ActiveCampaign's tools


Rokt alternative #4: Optimonk

Best for: Those who want a simple solution for popups, website personalization and A/B testing in one suite of tools.

Through personalized messages and pop-ups, OptiMonk helps retailers convert site visitors into customers. Its approach to using behavior-triggered messaging to improve the customer journey sets it apart, making it a powerful tool for boosting on-site conversions.

It integrates natively with Shopify, and also offers cart abandonment.

Starts at $39.99/mo

Read reviews of Optimonk on Slashdot

Source: Optimonk

More alternatives to Rokt

Check out this list which can help you round out your research: 

  1. Related Digital - a big data analytics company creating online and offline personalized campaigns.
  2. Use Insider - a "AI-native platform for individualized, cross-channel customer experiences", offering email, SMS, personalization and retargeting.
  3. Emarsys, an SAP Company - a marketing automation platform to "empower marketers to build, launch, and scale personalized cross-channel campaigns that drive business outcomes." Provides tools for recommendations, reducing churn, personalization, segmentation and a powerful data layer accessible via API.
  4. - Really embracing the AI thing there, Vue is committed to building personalization, data analytics, ecommerce optimization, inventory management and automation.
  5. Checkout Champ - for those looking to improve their Shopify checkout bells and whistles.


Choosing the right platform is about matching your business's unique needs with the right features and capabilities, plus considering what you may need in the future. There's a tool out there for every strategy and goal. Choose the ones that offer the most support and ongoing feature development so that the tool grows with you.

Thank you for reading! 
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