Offer discounts that complement your product without putting yours on sale (and you can do that too).
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Key benefits

Use perks to improve your ecommerce experience

With Paylode you can import your own products into your private perks program, plus get access to 1000+ offers we've prenegotiated and prevetted. Customers want offers that complement their purchases, and if you include a perk and a how-to video, you're now enhancing the customer experience while also making a sale.
Incentivize repeat purchases, abandoned carts, loyalty memberships and more.
Increase conversion rate on your forms by 10% or more with checkout offers.
Establish valuable relationships with other brands that complement your offerings.

”Paylode was so easy to implement and our customers love all the added benefits it provides. Paylode is so fast to add new partners; it automates the work of an entire team of Partner Managers.”

See how businesses use perks programs to engage their customers

Discover how customer-centric companies use the Paylode platform to improve their customer retention and satisfaction.
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