Traveler perks programs for hospitality brands

Hospitality brands that promote their perks programs see a higher occupancy rate and repeat bookings than those that do not offer traveler perks.
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Key benefits

Make their stay that much more enjoyable

Customers increasingly want personalized offers sent to them – especially when they include a wider variety of brands. We know from working with a wide variety of hospitality brands that the ones that actively promote their perks program, see higher rates of repeat stays and occupancy rates.
Use Paylode's huge marketplace of perks to incentivize bookings, reward repeat bookings, encourage memberships, and complement an upcoming stay.
Imagine branding your perks center for each location, with tailored and curated offers – minus your competitors, of course – from local businesses that provide the backdrop of experiences during their stay.
Import your own perks into the system so you can give a branded, seamless experience that helps your audience save money on the things that make their trip more comfortable – like gas, trip insurance, and restaurants.

"Membership and loyalty programs have become very important. Our goal is to provide benefits that will help our guests on their journey and make their stay more comfortable. Paylode helps us provide exclusive benefits tailored to our guests' needs."

See how businesses use perks programs to engage their customers

Discover how customer-centric companies use the Paylode platform to improve their customer retention and satisfaction.
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