Utility companies can increase customer satisfaction with perks

Use Paylode's perk centers to reward your utility customers for their loyalty. Incentivize specific behaviors like setting up Auto-pay with perks that boost conversion.
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Key benefits

Offer perks to reward your top customers and incentivize behavior

Paylode's Perk Centers enable utility companies to offer their customers access to a huge marketplace of exclusive and high-value perks. Imagine being able to offer local discounts and deals that are complementary to your service, delighting customers and helping them save on related expenses.
Offer local and national deals that are complementary to your utility (like window upgrades)
Incentivize specific behavior like setting up Auto-pay by offering a valuable perk
Delight your customers with deals that they need every day

"Customer service has been incredible. The system is intuitive and easy to use, and has reduced a chunk of my workload."

See how businesses use perks programs to engage their customers

Discover how customer-centric companies use the Paylode platform to improve their customer retention and satisfaction.
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