Health & Wellness

For gyms, fitness apps, and healthy eating apps to be effective, users need to be engaged and using the service regularly.
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Key benefits

Fight fatigue with perks.

Health & Wellness is a highly competitive space. Customized perks will set you apart from your competition.
COVID-19 changed how people exercise and businesses adapt to virtual classes. Perks help to engage your customers.
Gym and fitness app markets are competitive, leading to subscription fatigue. Perks help with retention
Offering perks and discounts can attract enhance user experience.

”Paylode saved us countless hours and made it so easy to implement a Customer Benefits program. It helps our Customers get the things they already need, while saving them money. Paylode brings even more value to our Customer experience and more than pays for itself!”

See how businesses use perks programs to engage their customers

Discover how customer-centric companies use the Paylode platform to improve their customer retention and satisfaction.
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