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Wellness brands earn extra revenue while offering curated perks for your followers
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Key benefits

Increase retention and value with related offers.

Whether you're running a gym, a video channel, or a nutrition blog, offering complementary deals and discounts to your members could be the value-add that keeps your audience coming back for more (savings).
It's not hard to find a Peloton for sale these days. Engage your customers with perks and discounts they actually need with Paylode.
Increase retention when you help your members save on equipment, travel, atheltic wear and more.
Increase LTV and generate revenue with an audience you already have.

"Paylode's easy implementation and extensive partnership network allow us to stay focused on our core business while unlocking brand perks our members love."

See how businesses use perks programs to engage their customers

Discover how customer-centric companies use the Paylode platform to improve their customer retention and satisfaction.
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