Paylode vs Rokt

Dec 28, 2023
We compare Paylode to Rokt and highlight the differences in features, price, offers, and more.

Both Paylode and Rokt offer unique approaches to engage consumers and drive conversions, but there are a few key differences that make each suited for a specific kind of business.

What is Paylode?

Paylode is a powerful customer perks program designed to enhance all stages of the customer experience and grow loyalty. Its unique platform enables businesses to offer a variety of incentives and rewards to their customers at any point in their journey. The marketplace of deals includes huge discounts, local offers, and exclusives.

Get access to 20+ no-code features including post transaction marketing, SMS, email offers, conversion rate boosts, partnership support, and more. Customize your perks program to your brand and curate it yourself, or let Paylode do the work.

Paylode enables businesses to create a tailored rewards program, enhancing all parts of the customer journey, promoting customer retention, and ultimately driving business growth. It was founded in 2020 by Mikhail Naumov, who was inspired by airline ancillaries. Paylode is fully remote with employees all around the world.

What is Rokt?

Rokt is a transaction-focused tool that essentially does two things: It offers ecommerce brands a way to generate higher cart value by showing relevant ads to customers after they purchase, and it offers brands chances to provide those offers, introducing them to new customers when relevancy and timing drives more clicks.

Its newest product, Calendar, offers brands a way to push event notifications through calendar subscriptions. Rokt was founded in Australia in 2012 by Bruce Buchanan, and now operates in 14 countries with an HQ in New York City.

Key differences

  1. Rokt chooses your post transaction offers, doing their best to match relevance. Paylode allows companies to curate their own offers, add internal offers, and exclude competing offers. You know your audience best.
  2. You don't have to be a huge brand to get into Paylode's marketplace – the partnerships team can find ways to expose your offer to targeted groups of highly relevant consumers, without being restricted to transaction-based advertising.
  3. Since Rokt focuses on post-transaction, it's well suited for bigger ecommerce sites with a lot of transaction volume. Paylode works with companies that want a fully engaged audience across multiple channels, to help drive more conversion and action at more touchpoints.

Feature comparison

Paylode vs Rokt: feature comparison
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Reviews from around the web

  • Paylode scores a 4.1 out of 5 on G2 based on 10 reviews, as of December 2023.
Recent Paylode review on G2

  • Rokt scores a 4 out of 5 on G2 based on 2 reviews, as of December 2023.
Recent Rokt review on G2

Companies are switching to Paylode

Brands that want more than just post-transaction options are switching to Paylode. They're getting the no-code tools to launch campaigns, integrate perks into their websites, emails, and more.

In the world of digital advertising, Paylode and Rokt represent two distinct approaches to engaging consumers and driving conversions. Paylode excels in data-driven personalization, while Rokt leverages transaction moments to deliver timely and relevant ads. If you want a solution that does it all, request a free Paylode demo and get the best of both.

About the author
Adrienne Kmetz
Adrienne is a marketing expert with a career history of working in startups of all sizes, from early stage to series A. She has 17+ years of experience writing about business, finance, and entrepreneurship. She went to Colorado College where she majored in skiing.
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