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Mar 9, 2024
How are Paylode and Second Nature's resident perks programs different? See the comparison of features, use cases, reviews, and more here.

Paylode is free resident perks

Paylode offers a versatile, no-code perks platform for businesses seeking to launch, manage, and monetize a customer perks program. By integrating pre-negotiated offers from various partner brands, Paylode simplifies the process of integrating customer rewards across different platforms like websites, mobile apps, and email campaigns.

  • Ideal for: Property managers that want to reward specific customer actions and add value to the tenant experience without gouging them.


  • Applications: Create resident perk centers that are customized for each community. Integrate perks into key moments in the customer journey to influence specific behaviors like signing up for paperless billing, downloading an app, or even logging in.
  • Persistent, pre-negotiated perks: The Paylode marketplace is much larger than Second Nature's, with over 1000 deals that are all pre-negotiated and pre-vetted. Customize your perks center and curate the best deals for your community.
  • No-code solution: Easy integration without the need for extensive technical know-how. DIY or call the Paylode team and they'll handle it for you.
  • Free for your customers. Paylode's model allows businesses to make ancillary revenue from perk redemptions, so there's an upside to sharing plentifully with your customers – they get a gift and without charging them for it, they'll respond positively toward it rather than resentment.


  • Perks program focus: Paylode does not provide air filters or insurance, property management services, and Second Nature does. Paylode's focuses are to help businesses save on operating costs, increase customer LTV, and raise satisfaction through perks. However, Paylode does have deals on home improvement stores that can enable residents to get their own air filters at a discount.
  • Few reviews. Although Paylode is a young company, they've got deep expertise and are building something that customers want. Stick around as they grow and improve.

Second Nature is a residents benefits package (RBP) with required monthly payment

Second Nature specializes in providing fully managed Resident Benefits Packages for the property management industry. Their services include renters insurance, credit building, air filter delivery, and identity theft protection. The package is designed for those wishing to streamline and consolidation key parts of operations, and to please investors who want to see more revenue per person.

  • Ideal for: Property management companies and real estate investors seeking to find ways to reduce risk, make more dollars per unit, and streamline parts of the property management processes.


  • ‍Specialized in property management: Tailored services for the real estate sector.
  • Reduces risk. When insurance and filters are included in the mandatory fee, it's peace of mind for the landlord to be able to ensure that every resident has the required coverage.
  • Pinata rewards. Second nature uses Pinata to reward on-time rent payments.


  • ‍Overlap with existing services: Some services may duplicate what property managers already offer, be more expensive, or not be as reliable as your existing services. For example, if you already have a rental portal, it won't seem like a value add to re-offer one through Second Nature. ‍
  • Smaller perks center: Second Nature's offers basically boil down to discounts from home improvements stores, making Paylode's marketplace much more interactive and robust for the purpose of resident perks.
  • Mixed reviews. Second Nature is billed as a win-win-win for residents, investors, and property managers, but it seems like it's hit or miss on the tenant side. Most are confused by bundling of services they were already receiving, that now cost money.
Paylode and Second Nature differences. Paylode is focused on tenant engagement and perks, while Second Nature specializes in filter delivery and renters insurance service packages.

Reviews from around the web

As of this writing Paylode holds a 4.3 out of 5 stars across 9 reviews on Because Paylode works with fewer large clients, and is a younger company, there are fewer public reviews.


Second Nature currently holds a 3.8 out of 5 across 1078 reviews on Trustpilot. Many customers are either highly satisfied or not. For those with allergens and a busy life, the filter delivery can be a peace of mind. But if the services don't add tangible value to a renter, the monthly mandatory fee is not going to be received well. Is it worth losing renters paying monthly rent, over a $42 a month fee?

Here's one review that touts the service: 



What's right for you?

If you already have maintenance services in place, and want better online reviews, an RBP is probably not the right choice. If you want to add to the tenant experience and still make positive ROI through ancillary revenues, Paylode's resident perks are a solid place to start.

If you're looking to reduce risk and your aim is to solve multiple issues around preventive maintenance and insurance, Second Nature can be a great choice.

Paylode is ideal for property managers who want to reward customers for taking actions like paying on time, and to provide discounts and offers that make living more comfortable. Whereas Second Nature is specifically designed for property management companies aiming to improve resident experiences and operational efficiency.

If you're interested in exploring how Paylode can benefit your business, enhance customer loyalty, and potentially open new revenue streams, the Paylode team invites you to schedule a demo. Discover firsthand how their versatile, no-code perks platform can be seamlessly integrated into your business strategy.

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