Holiday email templates

Dec 1, 2023
Holiday email templates that can get you from Black Friday through the New Year.

The holidays often catch companies off guard as they scramble to piece together festive communications amidst end-of-year deadlines. Avoid this reactive approach by planning your holiday emails proactively – starting today.

Commit to starting early

Design 2-3 email templates in September (ideally, Q3, but let's be real here) for Thanksgiving, year-end holidays, New Year’s and more as relevant. Outline an email timeline specifying target send dates.

For example...

November 10: Send a warm Thanksgiving message to clients
Thanksgiving day: Holiday promo email
December 1: Ship top client gifts and notes, holiday emails to all clients
December 15: Deliver holiday e-cards to employees

Refine designs in October

Make sure your communications include some kind of perk, offer or discount for your most valuable customers. Finalize imagery, branding elements, holiday flair and customized content for each template. Write clear subject lines that balance professionalism and seasonal spirit. Have leadership review and formally approve the email templates.

Schedule emails in November

Upload approved templates to your email platform and schedule sends in November – too early and you may need more edits, too late and you'll feel crunch time. Proofread emails and check for broken links before scheduling.

Early birds get to enjoy their holiday

Giving yourself lead time prevents last-minute stress so you can enjoy the festive season, both personally and professionally. More importantly, it enables you to create meaningful, intentional holiday communications that authentically convey your brand’s purpose and spirit, without the pressure of coming up with something on short notice.

Holiday email templates

Make a copy of the google doc, modify your sharing settings, and then edit to your liking! Happy holidays, y'all 🤠

A red email flyer with string lights says "Templates for all!" Click the image to go to the template in Google Docs.d
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