Holiday customer engagement: 10+ ideas to celebrate the season

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Nov 29, 2023
Showing gratitude, extra support hours, and offering loyal fans bigger discounts are just some of the ways you can build goodwill with your customers this holiday season.

The holiday season always feels like a whirlwind for businesses. There's so much to do - inventory to stock, promotions to run, orders to fill. It's easy to get caught up in operational tasks. Don't let the holidays sneak up without preparing some cheer for your customers.

Small gestures can make a big impact on the customer experience.

10+ ideas to delight and engage your customers this holiday season

Show gratitude

  • Holiday messaging:¬†Send a thank you email to customers simply sharing your gratitude for their business, and include a surprise gift or offer inside.
  • Exclusive early access: Give your VIP customers early access to flash sales or new product launches. They'll feel special getting first dibs before the general public.
  • Extended free shipping: Offer free standard shipping with no order minimums for a limited time. Sweeten it further by upgrading to 2-day shipping free of charge.

Take 1st action: Add messaging to let customers know when it's the last day to order and ship on time.


Personalize and surprise

  • Surprise giveaways: Drop some cheer on your followers with surprise flash giveaways and contests. Free products or gift cards are an easy way to spark joy.
  • Personalized perks and discounts: Segment your data to send targeted discounts to customers. Think... New subscribers can get 10% off their first order. Loyal repeat customers can receive exclusive personalized promo codes.
  • Extra support during the holidays:¬†Prepare for elevated customer service requests by extending hours, hiring temporary extra help, and adding more automatic emails and messaging that can handle FAQs. Be ready to take a lot of deep breaths.
  • Social media:¬†Get festive online, this is an opportunity show a more casual, friendly version of your brand's personality.

Take 1st action: Commit to sending at least one perk to your loyal customers this holiday season.


Gift them all

  • Complementary deep discounts:¬†After a purchase, offer a major discount on complementary products.
  • Gift wrap:¬†It always takes a little stress away to get the wrapping done, whether in store or online, help take the hassle out of the presents.
  • Gift with purchase: Everyone enjoys a freebie! Offer customers a seasonal gift like a scented candle or holiday mug with purchases over a certain amount.
  • Donate with purchase: Give back this season by donating a portion of proceeds to a charity of your choice. Let customers know their purchase helped support a good cause.

Take 1st action: Implement a post transaction marketing solution that thanks your customers with a gift after they buy.



  • Seasonal content: Get customers excited with holiday-themed blogs, newsletters, social posts and emails. Share gift guides, product roundups, and fun behind-the-scenes company updates.
  • Ask for their ideas:¬†Survey customers for feedback on how you can improve their experience in the new year.
  • Teach them something new:¬†Create content that educates your customers on complicated topics related to your products.
  • Be transparent: Clearly explain how the fine print works:¬†refunds, exchanges, and final sales should be outlined and accessible.

Take 1st action: Double check that your website or store has your updated policies clearly marked. Then go brainstorm a meme or two!


Get in the spirit

  • Get into it:¬†Decorate your storefront or website logo with a little non denominational sparkle to evoke the season without alienating certain religions.
  • Stay into it:¬†Stand out during non-holiday periods by elevating another creative "special day"¬†to celebrate. For example, offering a free cup of coffee on a member's birthday, or any of the "national days", like half priced Cheesecake Factory desserts on national cheesecake day.
  • Happy holiday messaging: Have customer service agents and email support teams update their signatures and out-of-office messages with seasonal well-wishes and emojis.
  • Dress up: Add a little flair to your packaging, like a stamp or insert, to give a little wink and a nudge when the box arrives at home.

Take 1st action: Add your flair before you send your holiday email, so when customers arrive, everything's aligned.


Here's a holiday email template you can copy and paste: 

To: All customers‚Äć

Subject:¬†With gratitude for you this season ūüéĀ

Hi [first name],

As the end of the year approaches, we at [company name] want to take a moment to wish you and your loved ones a joyful holiday season and a happy new year. 

This time of year is about togetherness, gratitude, and giving back. We are so thankful for your loyalty and trust in our company.

We also know the holidays can be stressful. Here are a few ways we want to make this season a little easier on you: 

  1. Our customer support team is eager and ready to help, with extended hours from X to Y. 
  2. Please note our offices will be closed on Date, Date, and Date. 
  3. Don’t forget to check the perk center, where we have the best big brand and small business deals for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and last-minute shoppers.  
  4. We’re giving back this season by making a donation to [Charity]. Your loyalty helps us give back to our community. 

No matter how you celebrate, we hope your holidays are filled with the light of peace, love, and happiness. Thank you for being a part of our [Company Name] journey. 

We look forward to continuing to serve you in the new year!

Wishing you happy holidays and a wonderful close to 2023,

[Company Name]

Cheers to all

With a little creativity, you can really make someone's day special during the busiest time of the year. Focus on small, meaningful touches that leave a lasting impression. When you combine stellar customer service with solid operational execution, it will lead to the happiest holidays yet.

Need ideas? We can help.


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