CredHub launches resident perks platform with Paylode to bring valuable offers and savings to renters

Nov 29, 2023
CredHub Perks is powered by Paylode’s industry-leading customer perks platform, delivering deals and discounts to renters who use CredHub’s innovative resident credit reporting service.

SPOKANE, Wash., October 31, 2023 ( - CredHub, the rental credit reporting service that benefits renters and property managers alike, today announced a new partnership with Paylode, the leading customer perks platform, to provide valuable savings for renters looking to build their credit history through CredHub Perks.

This new partnership addresses the millions of renters in the U.S. and Canada who pay on time but lack access to fair credit. By teaming up, Paylode and CredHub will reward on-time rent payments with special offers from top brands while also reporting payment data to all three major credit bureaus.

Property owners and managers use CredHub’s resident credit reporting services to increase on-time rent payments. CredHub’s clients see an average delinquency reduction of 50% once implemented, and renters can see 40+ points to their credit score with consistent on-time payments.

"We're thrilled to partner with innovative companies like CredHub who align with our mission of creating value through curated perks programs," said Mikhail Naumov, Founder & CEO of Paylode. "Renters represent a huge underserved audience when it comes to financial tools. Together we can help these customers build credit, save money, and access valuable perks previously only available to traditional credit card-holders."

The strategic collaboration is a natural fit between two companies looking to help consumers earn discounts and improve their financial standing. Renters who sign up with CredHub will have rent payment data reported to Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion to establish a positive credit history while unlocking deals on entertainment, travel, subscriptions, and more through Paylode.

"Paylode shares our commitment to empowering renters with new ways to build their financial identity," said Steve Jarvis, CEO of CredHub. "We're excited to jointly serve this market with innovative solutions that propel consumers forward."

Paylode’s software and extensive marketplace of deals make it uniquely positioned to engage and reward CredHub's renter community.

About Credhub

The nation’s most innovative providers have turned to CredHub for complete credit reporting, both paid and unpaid balances. They depend on CredHub to navigate the complex and diverse compliance landscape, reward tenants who pay on time, and provide leverage to collect from those who don’t. Learn more at

About Paylode

Paylode is the leading customer perks platform. We help companies launch and manage amazing perks programs, without the burden and expense of building one in-house. Paylode is like having an entire partnerships team in your corner. We vet and pre-negotiate thousands of perks offers from top consumer brands, and provide easy no-code tools to save companies massive amounts of time and overhead. Perks programs increase conversion rates, retention, engagement, and satisfaction, while also unlocking a new revenue stream for your company. Schedule your free demo.

This news release originally appeared on Newswire.

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