Company birthday announcement emails: Get inspired to celebrate

Nov 29, 2023
Your company is turning another year older and you want to shout it from the top of the inbox! Get the best practices, examples we love, plus a free template.

Congratulations on the anniversary of your company launch.

Whether you're turning 1 or 10, we've got ideas for you to share the joy with your audience. Typically, you only need to send a quick email to make a big splash with readers.

⏰ Make sure you plan 2-3 months ahead so you have plenty of time to create copy and get it approved.
💯 Include a summary of your impact in numbers.
🎁 Always offer a perk to thank your audience for their loyalty.

What to include

  • A brief history of the company - when it was founded, how it has grown and evolved over the years, key milestones. This helps tell the story of the business.
  • Interesting or fun facts about the company's history. For example, what the original product or service offering was, where the first office or store was located, or another anecdote about the good old days.
  • Appreciation to loyal customers and employees who have been part of the journey. Include a perk or discount to thank them for their loyalty and remind them of what's to come.
  • Quotes from founders and long-time employees sharing memories and perspective on the company's evolution.
  • Statistics about how the company has grown over the years - number of employees now compared to original headcount, revenue growth, geographic expansion, even cups of coffee consumed.
  • New products, services, or capabilities the company has added over the year.
  • Major accomplishments like big partnership deals, awards won, or community impact.
  • Plans, goals, and vision for the future. How will the business continue evolving and growing?
  • Images or photos from different eras of the company's history to visually tell its story.

The overall aim is to make it an engaging, celebratory email that provides interesting highlights on the company's evolution while showing appreciation for those who helped build it.

How to share your impact

If you're taking the time to write a birthday email, the most common approach is to include a "by the numbers" style imapct report that sums up just how massively impactful that year has been. You'll notice in the oncoming examples that Spotify quantifies their success in number of songs listened to, and number of independent artists paid out. The Skimm's success depends on readership.

Insurance = vehicles replaced

Real estate = roofs over heads

Fitness = miles ran or mountains hiked

Streaming = quality time spent

In all industries, you can frame your success around your customer retention and engagement, but package it in a way that reflects your mission. Paylode clients get complimentary email templates and more. Learn how to make every communication a welcome experience with perks.

Company birthday email template

Subject line: Acme turns 5 🎂

Preview: And we're giving you a gift

Hi [First name],

We can't believe that Acme Company turns 5 years old today – and we get to celebrate this milestone birthday with all of you who have been part of our journey.

Just five short years ago, Acme started as a small shop with big dreams. Our founders, Babs and Buster, opened the doors to our first store on Main Street with the goal of providing quality widgets to the community. We began with just 10 employees and one product offering.

Today, we have grown to 50 employees, expanded to 3 locations, and now offer 5 unique widget selections! Over the years, we've been recognized with the Platinum Widget Award for Innovation, and ranked as a top widget provider by Local Magazine.

Our growth wouldn't be possible without you; our loyal customers who believed in our vision. Thank you for being part of the Acme Company family.

As we embark on the next five years, we remain committed to serving your needs while bringing even more value to your experience.

We're so grateful for the opportunity to work with you and grow our business together. Here's to celebrating many more birthdays in the years ahead. Let us know if there is anything we can do to better serve you.

Thank you for making the last 5 years so memorable.


Babs and Buster

Founders, Acme Company


Spotify's 1st birthday email

These numbers look paltry compared to today's, which is part of why its so fun to look back on milestones like these.

Spotify 1st birthday email shows a cartoon rock star holding a green balloon. 13 billion songs streamed in Spotify year 1.

The Skimm's 7th birthday

The Skimm ends their email with a sweepstakes. A better alternative would have been offering everyone a perk in a permanent place, so no one's left out if they don't win.

True North Visionaries' 10 year anniversary party

Who said it needs to be an email? This business birthday card doubled as an invitation to a zoom party, where early clients got to meet new clients, and the networking (and tears) that ensued were just beautiful 🤌

Example invitation to a company anniversary party

Patagonia's 50th focused on what's next

A monumental milestone and they certainly went all out for it, restructuring their company in spring 2023 so that all profits go to environmental causes and conservation. The website is gorgeous as well, linking out to local events and videos showing what history looked like and what the future holds.

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