How to use perks to increase conversion rates

Nov 29, 2023
Incentives work. Get potential customers over the line with an offer they can't resist.

Influencing desired customer behavior means offering a valuable reason or incentive to take and complete an action.

Conversion rates commonly hit a plateau at some point – for many customers, various reasons account for their lack of action - they're busy, it's bad timing, they lost the original enrollment offer, or some kind of other friction.

One of the keys to getting customers to do anything.. sign up for autopay, pay by ach, go paperless, even like you on social media – is providing a reason to do it. Sometimes, that reason is more compelling when there's something truly in it for them. When you offer a perk in exchange for an action, you'd be surprised how much you can reinvigorate plateaued KPIs.

29 ways to use perks to increase conversion rates

  1. Reward repeat bookings with local discounts travelers can use to make their experience more enjoyable.
  2. Exclusive discounts and deals provide even bigger incentive to take action.
  3. Offer a freebie such as a ebook, or even a small gift card.
  4. By tracking customer preferences, you can personalize offers even further, leading to more relevance and therefore more clicks.
  5. Incorporate gamification elements into your program, such as progress bars or badges for achieving certain milestones, to increase engagement.
  6. Offer free shipping for a customer's first purchase to nudge that initial transaction.
  7. Provide a discount code for signing up for your email list to encourage newsletter subscriptions.
  8. Give a coupon for enrolling in autopay to incentivize automated repeat purchases.
  9. Reward paperless billing enrollment with a gift card for going green.
  10. Gift a free product to motivate new app downloads.
  11. Extend a subscription for free when referring a friend.
  12. Provide a rebate for paying annually instead of monthly.
  13. Offer an extra month of warranty for writing a product review.
  14. Enter reviewed customers into a sweepstakes for paying via ACH.
  15. Unlock exclusive content for social shares.
  16. Surprise long-time customers with free upgrades.
  17. Give high spenders access to premium features.
  18. Pets are expensive enough – gift pet owner residents a bark-worthy pet box when they renew their lease.
  19. Grant top reviewers early access to sales.
  20. Send new leads the first ebook for free.
  21. Give away merch to users for joining your online community.
  22. Reward account completeness with coupons.
  23. Donate to charity when a customer completes a survey.
  24. Offer free shipping above a certain order value threshold.
  25. Bundle orders with greater combined savings.
  26. Send a gift box on a customer's first anniversary.
  27. Give lapsed users special deals to re-engage them.
  28. Provide concierge service to big spenders.
  29. High credit card rewards for new applications.
  30. Benefits for loyalty program tier upgrades.

The key is aligning perks to desired customer actions, reducing friction, and conveying value. Small incentives can nudge conversions.

The Boost program is designed to help companies pinpoint the metrics you need to move, and creating an appropriate offer to get more customers over the line. Ready to try some of these? Get a tour.

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