Messaging & Campaigns
Quickly enrich your existing marketing campaigns and launch new ones using amazing Partner Offers from the Paylode Partnerships Marketplace.
Embed wonderful Partner Offers directly inside your marketing emails, newsletters, and ongoing email campaigns
Valuable Offers
Pick & choose from any Partner Offers already available on our Partner Marketplace.
To the Right Users
Choose which of your customers will benefit most from specific partner offers.
At the Perfect Moment
Provide key offers just in time when your customers need them most.
Boost your marketing engagement with valuable Partner Offers
Add amazing partner offers to your marketing communications any time you want.
Embed partner offers into marketing newsletters
Add relevant partner offers to email receipts
Run seasonal campaigns with featured partners
Monetize your email communications while adding value to your customers

Performance Dashboard
Track performance of all your messaging & campaigns right inside the Paylode performance dashboard.
Ancillary Partnerships API
Leverage the Paylode partnerships API to quickly pull relevant partners offers programatically.
Unlock a new world of Ancillary Partnerships for your Company and your Customers
Contact us for a Demo of the Paylode Ancillary Partnerships Platform.
See Paylode In Action
See Paylode In Action