Large hotel and motel chain uses perks to delight travelers

Executive summary

With 1000+ locations across North America, this major hotel and motel brand provides comfortable rooms in convenient locations to the budget-conscious traveler. As a leading hospitality brand, its leadership team was interested in finding additional ways to engage with their customer base while providing more opportunities to delight travelers.

Large hotel and motel chain


This popular hotel chain wanted to find ways to engage with its customers more often and add deeper value to customer experiences with the brand. In travel, loyalty is paramount; genuinely positive experiences can lead to repeat future stays.

Avoid the cost & complexity of a points-based loyalty system
Points-based loyalty systems often have high overhead and poor customer experience, making them unsuitable in certain situations.
Rapidly source relevant partnerships
It takes a lot of time to research and develop new partnerships and negotiate ongoing partnership agreements.
Add value for members
Offer curated, money-saving benefits to their members in order to improve resident retention and decrease financial burden of moving into a new home.

Approach: Curate deep discounts for travelers accessible only from the member portal

Paylode worked closely with the company’s strategy team to review the brand’s existing loyalty and rewards programs. As they already have a robust mobile app, we found that there were significant opportunities within the brand’s ecosystem to help make the customer experience even more delightful. 

The company customized, branded, and curated its perks center, while the Paylode team pre-vetted and pre-negotiated offers that their members already love and use. 

Members can log in to their perk center and see hundreds of deep discounts and offers, available across locations so they’re relevant especially if they’ll be traveling.

Going to San Francisco? Enjoy a big slice off when you use a perk to get a discount on a segway tour or a massage.

Launch a perks experience inside the member portal

The company branded and customized their perk center and Paylode made it accessible only to members, resulting in a seamless experience that drives repeat visits.

Launch a perks experience inside the member portal
Engage key customer segments with targeted perk bundles

Engage key customer segments with targeted perk bundles

Engage key customer segments with targeted perk bundles
Re-engage inactive customers

With a reason to reach out, the brand sent emails to top customers with perks to thank them for their loyalty, along with reminders to log into their member portal to get access to their deals and discounts.

Re-engage inactive customers


  • +10% engagement in first 60 days
  • 3x more engagement with logged-in users than non-logged in users
  • 1000’s of engagements, views, and clicks to offers
Increase in customer engagement

The launch led to a rapid 10% increase in log-ins in the first 60 days, giving the brand more opportunities to expose offers to travelers and measure return traffic to the app, member portal, and website.

Increase in customer LTV

We made a valuable discovery that logged-in users to the website and mobile app are worth 3x more in Customer Lifetime Value than a non-logged in user.

Lower retention costs

The company was able to re-engage existing customers with valuable offers and discounts from complementary brands, leading to increased revenue without incurring extensive customer acquisition costs.

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