Jetty leverages Paylode to add member value across key touch points

Executive summary

Jetty wanted to quickly implement a member benefits program without taking on a large financial burden or sacrificing time away from their core business.

Paylode made it easy for Jetty to launch, manage, and monetize their partnerships program in record time. Jetty uses Paylode to bring a valuable member benefits experience to their customers, enhancing the services they provide. The program has already netted a positive ROI on their investment.


Jetty is the financial services platform on a mission to make renting a home more affordable and flexible. Jetty's integrated suite of products helps property managers increase lease conversions, improve resident retention, reduce bad debt, and boost NOI. For renters, Jetty decreases the financial burden of moving into a new home and offers greater flexibility with how and when to pay rent.


Jetty aims to improve financial situations for renters and property owners. So, it makes sense that they would want to add value to their services, enhance member experiences, and net a positive ROI.

Add value for members
Offer curated, money-saving benefits to their members in order to improve resident retention and decrease financial burden of moving into a new home.
Stay cost and time efficient
Building a member benefits platform from scratch requires a significant investment. Typically, a member benefits program requires a fully dedicated team, with several FTEs, to manage it.
Control content and branding
Provide a seamless user experience with full control over the selection and branding elements of content presented to their members.
Grow and track partnership performance
Tracking performance of member benefits and partnership engagement is important but can be difficult due to technical requirements.

Jetty's approach with Paylode

In order to achieve their goals, Jetty decided to use Paylode to enhance their member experience with curated perks, and optimize member engagement.

Jetty was able to rapidly spin up and deploy their member perks program in just a fraction of the time it would take with alternative options. And, since the Paylode platform does all the heavy lifting, Jetty was able to maintain focus on growing their core business and quickly realize a positive ROI.

Partnerships marketplace

Enable the business team to use Paylode's platform to browse, control, and curate which perks are available to customers at each point where perks are displayed.

Partnerships marketplace
Member benefits portal

Paylode enabled Jetty to provide access to partner perks at any time. This was quickly accomplished by embedding a Jetty-branded perks center directly into their member portal.

Member benefits portal
Perks for new policyholders

Jetty uses Paylode's API to integrate partner perks directly into their new policyholder confirmation flows. This helps build positive first impressions for each new policyholder.

Perks for new policyholders
Member engagement via email

Jetty uses Paylode's omnichannel links to include relevant offers for holidays and special occasions to increase engagement with members and bring additional value over time.

Member engagement via email


Jetty was able to achieve member traction with the perks program showing strong signals of interest, engagement, and perk redemption activity.

Member interest

Paylode enabled Jetty to quickly deploy a beautiful and customized member benefits program to showcase valuable perks to their users at key touch points along their journey.

For example, after a purchase, Jetty sends members to a ‘Thank You’ page that displays curated perks using the Paylode API.

The data shows unmistakable interest among Jetty’s members.

Member engagement

Jetty works closely with Paylode to continually optimize relevance, value, and rate of member engagement.

As a result, Jetty’s members are presented with an optimized set of perks designed to reduce friction and maximize the value of their interactions.

As a member, it’s a far more pleasant experience. The outcome is an outstanding engagement rate among Jetty's customers.

Member benefits traction

Jetty, by utilizing Paylode’s platform to its fullest extent, is able to provide their members with the right complementary offer at the right time. As members are presented with curated perks, increasingly fine-tuned for each touch point, the corresponding rate of redemption increases.

For Jetty, perk redemption rate serves as an indicator of perk relevance and value received by their members. With that goal in mind, Jetty leverages the experience of the Paylode team to boost redemption rate and amplify the performance of their member benefits program.

The evidence clearly demonstrates the value and outcomes that Paylode enables Jetty to achieve.

"Paylode enabled us to quickly launch our member benefits program, save time, and provide a valuable experience for our members."

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