Streetlane Homes
Streetlane Homes uses Paylode to bring phenomenal perks to their residents, while simultaneously unlocking a new stream of ancillary revenue for their company.
A little bit about the Company.
8,000+ Rental Properties
Streetlane Homes manages over 8,000 rental properties across the United States.
Full Service Management
Streetlane offers leasing, rent collection, 24/7 maintenance, renovation management & more.
Across 20+ Markets
Residential portfolio consists of Single Family Rentals (SFR) across 20+ metropolitan markets.
What was their Challenge?
Streetlane Homes wanted to improve their resident experience through quality partnerships. However, they did not have the time, staff or budget to accomplish this task alone.
Getting new partners aboard.
It takes a lot of time to research and develop new partnerships and negotiate partnership agreements.
Limited engineering resources.
Launching a resident-facing program often requires engineering resources which are not readily available.
Tracking program performance.
Tracking performance of partner offers is important but can be difficult due to technical requirements.
Anticipating resident needs.
Detailed Performance reporting
Grateful & Loyal Customers
Residents have a variety of needs which also change over time and with seasonality.
Easily track performance across all of your partnerships and perks offerings in one place. Connect your initiative to your core company KPIs.
Bring your Customers the next level of experience by anticipating their needs and helping them get exactly what they need. Your customers will thank you for it.
The Approach using Paylode
Resident Perks.
Paylode made it fast and easy to launch a curated perks program for Streetlane Residents.

A Resident Perks page was embedded directly inside the resident portal, making it easy for residents to access the partner perks any time.
Move-in Bundles.
Leveraged Paylode to send right-fit-offers to residents after a lease is signed.

This drove significant value to residents and unlocked a new stream of ancillary income for Streetlane Homes.
Themed Emails.
Streetlane used Paylode to send relevant partner offers for holidays & special occasions.

This significantly increased resident engagement and enabled Streetlane to own a bigger part of their resident experience.
Numbers & Results
4,200+ Offers Engaged
Over four thousand residents engaged with the offers and clicked through to learn more and explore the details of each partner offer.
9.1% Conversion Rate
Paylode drove a 9.1% conversion rate, with hundreds of Streetlane residents making regular purchases through the Resident Perks program.
$21.50 Earned Per Conversion
Streetlane earned an average of $21.50 for each conversion, unlocking a meaningful source of new ancillary revenue for their business.
Unlock a new world of Ancillary Partnerships for your Company and your Customers
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See Paylode In Action
See Paylode In Action