Streetlane Homes launches Perks to improve their new resident experience
Streetlane Homes wanted to improve the new resident experience and offer current residents new value-add benefits. However, they did not want to take on a new financial burden or sacrifice time away from their core business.

Streetlane Homes looked to Paylode as a way to quickly leverage the ancillary partnerships economy. Paylode made it easy for Streetlane Homes to launch, manage and monetize the best partnerships program in the industry.

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Meet Streetlane Homes
Streetlane Homes manages over 8,000 rental properties across the country. They offer leasing, rent collection, 24/7 maintenance, renovation management, inspections, and all other aspects of full service property management. Roofstock — valued at $1.94B, and the leading marketplace for single-family rental (SFR) investment properties — acquired Streetlane Homes in 2018.

Paylode made it simple to manage their partnerships, create a beautiful customer facing interface, and improve the overall resident experience while also providing ongoing consultation and support to ensure success with the program.
Streetlane Homes wanted to partner with top brands to bring additional value to their residents.
Anticipate resident needs
Residents have a variety of needs which change over time and with seasonality. Streetlane wanted to offer curated, money-saving benefits to their members in order to improve resident satisfaction and retention.
Avoid expensive tech investment & development time
Launching a resident-facing benefits program typically requires significant engineering resources which are not readily available and would distract Streetlane from their core business focus.
Rapidly source relevant partnerships
It takes a lot of time to research and develop new partnerships and negotiate ongoing partnership agreements.
Grow and track partnership performance
Tracking performance of member benefits and partnership engagement is important but can be difficult due to technical requirements.
Streetlane's approach with Paylode
In order to achieve their goals, Streetlane decided to use Paylode to enhance their member experience with curated, pre-vetted perks from top brands via Paylode's Ancillary Partnerships Marketplace.

Streetlane was able to quickly spin up and deploy their resident benefits portal and event-driven emails to their residents in record time. This enabled Streetlane to maintain focus on growing their core business and realize a positive ROI.
Show perks inside Streetlane's resident portal
Paylode made it fast and easy to launch a curated perks program for Streetlane Residents.

Streetlane used Paylode's Member Perk Builder to quickly customize a branded perks page that was embedded directly inside their existing resident portal.

This approach made it easy for residents to access the partner perks at any time.
Provide targeted perks during move-in process
Streetlane was able to send right-fit-offers (renters insurance, moving trucks, storage, etc...) to residents after a lease is signed.

This drove significant value to residents and unlocked a new stream of ancillary income for Streetlane Homes.
Engage residents with holiday & seasonal perks via email
Streetlane used Paylode to send relevant partner offers for holidays & special occasions.

This significantly increased resident engagement and enabled Streetlane to own a bigger part of their resident experience.
Looking at the results
Member interest
The Streetlane Homes team worked closely with Paylode’s Customer Success & Partnerships teams to create and implement a curated resident perks page, directly in their resident portal.

As awareness grew, Residents showed clear signals of interest as measured by page views.

Streetlane Homes increased views to their resident perks page by 70.8% in Q4 2021 and didn’t stop there, increasing views almost 166% in Q1 2022. This was all made possible with the use of Paylode’s flagship product and only took two days to get set up and running.

Views of Streetlane's resident perks page increased by 70.8% in Q4 2021, and almost 166% in Q1 2022.
Member engagement
In the early days, Streetlane Homes was relying only on organic traffic to their resident perks page.

The Paylode team recommended they send relevant offers for holidays and special occasions to increase engagement with residents and bring additional value, providing helpful templates for use.

Streetlane Homes was able to easily add perks to email campaigns by utilizing the attribution links in the Paylode Marketplace.

62.8% increase in clicks in Q4 2021 and 37.2% increase in Q1 2022.
Member benefits traction
Every new resident needs essential items when moving into an apartment.
Streetlane Homes leverages Paylode’s robust marketplace to provide discounts on key items like moving services, furniture, internet, cable & more.

Streetlane Homes was able to unlock a new ancillary revenue stream from the combination of sending ‘right-fit-offers’ to new residents, holiday email blasts, and 24/7 access to a resident perks page.

in Q1 2022 Streetlane Homes had 225 conversions and unlocked a new stream of ancillary revenue.
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