Unlock the value of a curated perks program for your prospects and policyholders. Hit the ground running the easiest way to launch and manage best-in-class prospect and policyholder perks programs in the insurance industry.
Launch & manage value-add partnership programs for prospects & policyholders

Fantastic partnership programs powered by Paylode help insurance companies drive retention and engagement across their customer base.

Supercharge your Partnerships Program

Delight your prospects & policyholders with the best partnerships programs without the overhead of additional business development & engineering costs
  • Provide attractive perks
    Offer best-in-class, pre-vetted perks from nationally recognized brands that your prospects and policyholders already know & love, on things they are already buying.
  • Unlock additional revenue
    Quickly unlock a new stream of revenue and boost NOI when your users engage with partners to get exactly what they need.
  • One-click integration
    You can launch your program to your company's website, user portal or mobile app in a click. No more waiting for internal engineering resources.
  • Managed partnerships
    Hundreds of pre-vetted and fully negotiated brand partnerships available for your curation and immediate use.
  • Drag & drop interface
    Set up your entire program in a few minutes, using our no-code interface. Make tweaks and changes the same way.
  • Prospects and policyholders love it
    Enhance your portfolio's engagement and revenue strategies with a perks program that your prospects and policyholders will love.
Build value anywhere your users are
Incorporate curated collections of perks directly inside your prospect and user portal, website, and mobile app
Enhance communication engagement
Increase engagement with event-triggered, periodic, and one-off communications by including contextually-relevant perks
Track and optimize your success
Quickly see which partners are the most popular across your customer base
Scale and manage perks for your entire portfolio
Quickly roll out perks programs across your entire portfolio with the option to choose unique collections of perks for each property

Perfect fit for insurance

Fully compliant with all insurance regulations
Paylode is fully vetted and used by multiple insurance companies
No PII is ever required from your users
Paylode is fully functional without using or requiring any PII from your users.
Encourage and incentivize healthy living
Create perks programs geared toward improving member lifestyles
Unlock a new world of perks for your prospects and policyholders
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