Unlock Member Benefits for your Policyholders
Bring immediate value to your prospects and existing insurance policyholders. Leverage complementary partnerships to generate new quotes, increase retention and enable an extraordinary customer experience of your customers.

Paylode powers Ancillary Benefits Programs for top insurance companies and rapidly growing InsurTech brands

Each new resident needs to solve a number of other pain points before move-in day.

Whether it's Rent Insurance, Wifi, Storage, Furniture, Moving Services or just a Netflix subscription -- you can offer the best services to your residents through the Paylode Resident Perks platform.
Each Partnership comes with an exclusive discount for your residents.

Paylode carefully vets and negotiates with each brand partner, ensuring that your residents get the best discounts available and a flawless experience. Your residents will be grateful.
Earn an Ancillary Rebate each time your Residents sign up for a product or service.

Paylode is the easiest way to unlock a new stream of ancillary revenue across your portfolio. While it wont make you a million bucks, it will generate extra income while significantly improving your residents' lives.
Relevant Partners
Valuable Discounts
Ancillary Revenue
Launch a Partnerships Marketplace with a few Clicks
Choose from over 200+ valuable Partner Offers from leading consumer brands.

Browse through top categories including: home & living, automotive, pet care, travel, entertainment, fitness, health & wellness and more.

Bring a whole world of complementary brand partnerships to your customers.
Drive new leads and generate more quotes
Generate new quotes and re-engage existing prospects by offering a variety of Perks from leading consumer brands
Enhance your Marketing Communications
Add massive value to your customers directly through your existing marketing campaigns.
Embed valuable partner offers in your marketing emails and newsletters
Share seasonal partner perks with your customers when they need them most
Make your brand a valuable part of your customers lifestyle journey
A Curated Program for each Policy Type
With Paylode you can easily launch multiple programs catering to each specific policy type offered by your company.
Partnership Perks for Home & Rental
Partner Benefits for Automotive
Curated Collections for Pet Parents and their Pets
Cost-saving Benefits for Small Business Policyholders
Turn-key Platform with measurable ROI
Quickly roll out the Perks Program across your entire portfolio with unique pages for each property or one consolidated page - the choice is yours!
National and local partners available immediately for your residents
No new apps to download and no extra friction for your residents
Track performance across your entire portfolio
Optimize your program and bring seasonal offers when your residents need them most.
Hear from our Clients
Dan Mishin
"Paylode unlocked a whole world of Ancillary Partnerships for June Homes, impressed our customers, while saving our team tens of hours on repetitive business development tasks."
Angela Morisette
VP Business Operations & Partnerships, Scratchpay
"Paylode was so easy to implement and our members love all the added benefits it provides! The Paylode team is so fast to add new partners; it’s like having a team of Partner Managers on staff."
Alex Vlasto
VP Marketing, Jetty National Inc
”Paylode enabled us to quickly launch our Member Benefits program, save time, and provide a valuable experience for our Members.”
Ioanna Zacharopoulou
Head of Residential Experience, The Moinian Group
"Paylode saved us countless hours and made it so easy to implement a Resident Benefits program. It helps our residents get the things they already need, while saving them money. Paylode brings even more value to our resident experience and more than pays for itself!"
The easiest way to launch and manage the best Partner Benefits Programs in the Insurance sector
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